We offer consulting, engineering and prototyping of power electronic systems with power/voltage ratings from several watts/volts up to tens of kilowatts/kilovolts.


Your benefits are:

  • a running prototype fulfilling the defined specification (customer-specific optimizations: power density, efficiency, EMI-distortions, )
  • the corresponding software/firmware (C, VHDL) of the digitally controlled hardware (DSP, FPGA)
  • a technical documentation of:
    • design procedure with electrical, mechanical and thermal dimensioning
    • hardware schematics and layouts
    • implemented software / firmware
    • experimental results
  • 1-2 days of laboratory tutorial and handover of the built prototype




Single and three phase buck/boost PFC rectifiers with different topologies
  • Download example for medium power application
  • Download example for high power application



Uni- and bidirectional converters with or without galvanic isolation and/or high current/voltage ratings
  • Download example for high current application
  • Download example for high voltage application
  • Download example for auxiliary supplies operating from high input voltages (NEW)



Two- and three-level inverters for various applications
  • Download example with p²pack-technology for motor application (NEW)
  • Download example for high frequency application


Pulsed Power

Modulator/transformer designs for high peak power in the range of megawatts


Optimization of Components

Magnetic components (transformers, inductors)


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